Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apa dah jadi budak sekolah zaman sekarang?


Two 13-year-old girls were beaten up for 30 minutes by a group of schoolgirls at, of all places, a mosque last month.

Victim Azani Jusharmiela Mohd Jaafar showing the video clip of the assault that has been posted on the Internet. — NST picture by Aswadi Alias
The assault was recorded on a mobile phone and the matter was reported only two weeks later after a family member of one of the victims came across the video clip on the Internet.

The attack took place at 2.30pm on June 18, after Azani Jushar-miela Mohd Jaafar and her friend were forced to ride pillion on motorcycles ridden by three of their schoolmates, aged 14.

They were taken to the Felda Kertih mosque, some four kilometres away, and once inside, were beaten up by their seniors for almost 30 minutes. It was one of their attackers who recorded the assault on her handphone.

Both girls had to find their way home after the attack, and they kept the incident from their respective families.

This was until Jusharmiela's elder sister, Azani Juhaiza, 23, who had returned from Kuala Lumpur, heard rumours from neighbours that a video clip of the attack on her sister was on the Internet.

The clip was also being spread among students in the district.

Jusharmiela then confessed that she and her friend had been attacked over a misunderstanding with one of the seniors.

She also admitted that she had been traumatised as a result of the incident.

"I also found out that my sister and her friend had been suspended from school for three days last week, while two of her assailants were dismissed and another suspended for a few weeks," said Juhaiza.

Jusharmiela lodged a report at the Kuala Terengganu police headquarters at 8.30am yesterday.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Fauzi said the case would be transferred to the Dungun police station.


aszifa_aris said...

uh uh eh dah bole komen! Ih dasat tul dak ni!

Cikgu Sains said...

komen jangan tak komen

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