Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Form 3 Chapter 1 : The Effects Of Smoking On The Human Respiratory System

AIM :To study the effects of smoking on the human respiratory system

MATERIALS : Cigarettes, white cotton wool, hydrogen carbonate indicator

APPARATUS : U-Shaped tube, filter pump, test tube, rubber stopper, retort stand and clamp, rubber connecters, thermometer

1. The apparatus was set up as shown in the figure above.
2. Lighted up the cigarette. The filter pump is turned on to suck the smoke.
3. The observation of the temperature, white cotton wool and litmus solution is recorded.


Thermometer - The temperature increases
White cotton wool - Changes to yellow black
Litmus solution - Changes from purple to red


1. What does the cotton wool in the U-tube represent?

2. What is the function of litmus solution?
To show that cigarette smoke is acidic

3. What are the substances in cigarette smoke that cause the cotton wool and litmus solution
change colour?
Tar and carbon monoxide

4. What can you conclude about the effects of cigarette smoking?
Cigarette smoke contain heat that increases the temperature of the lungs, tar
that blackens the lung , and acidic gases that corrode lung cells.